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Grandpa Ive, or “nonno Ive” as the locals called him, began an exciting and successful gastronomy story of a well-known restaurant in Pula named “Gina” all the way back in 1931. He opened a tavern that today would be considered an agro tourism facility. Later on, he opened a tavern in the Pula neighborhood of Šijana. He passed his passion for hospitality to his daughter Gina who opened the first private snack bar in the former Yugoslavia. It was a restaurant named “Gina” that began operations in 1969, and in 1980, it moved to its present location. Gina’s son, Maksimilian, is managing the present restaurant. He has been working in the restaurant since he was a child, and in 2003 he designed a new interior reminiscent of a rustic Istrian tavern.

Maksimilian is also the creator of the dishes served in the restaurant; an interesting combination of authentic and modern recipes and ingredients. He gets the ingredients exclusively from the local producers and growers located within a circle smaller than 100 kilometers.

His specialties are well-known in the vicinity, including his cream soup made with fish and Malvasia wine, Dalmatian stew with the meat of Istrian cattle, semifreddo made with lavender with a warm fig and pine nut sauce, ravioli stuffed with crab and topped with a crab sauce, and ravioli stuffed with tuna and topped with a shrimp sauce.

With a stunning view of the Stoja Cove, all your senses will be delighted in the ambiance and the dishes that exude tradition. Continually here to provide you with a top-quality gastronomical experience, pleasant atmosphere and a delighted and enthusiastic welcome,


Maksimilian Bergić Zigante

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